Transgender, Transsexual & Transvestite Living & Transformation Magazines

Tranny Mags!!

Yes, there's lots of places online to get information and advice but sometimes you want to actually sit down somewhere comfortable and read an old fashioned magazine about your chosen lifestyle!

Packed full of photoshoots, real life stories plus articles on transformation sucess, makeup tips and general advice on transgender living these magazines offer everything for todays crossdressers and transvestites. Delivered in discreet packaging you can ensure that your trans lifestyle is secure unless you are already out of the crossdressing closet!


Transliving Magazine (TLI) is the world's largest Transgender lifestyle magazine, filled with fashion articles, crossdressing advice, real life stories and photos.

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Transformation Mag is a US magazine covering the Crossdressing & Transgender Community. It contains glossy articles on all aspects of trans living plus how-to articles.

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Obviously there are quicker ways of finding out about the TV/CD/TS lifestyle - chat with real-life members of the transgender & crossdressing community. Make new friends and ask the questions you are wanting answers to!

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