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Killer Sexy Heels!

There is no doubt, high heels do make legs more shapely and you instantly feel more feminine. They make you walk differently and can make you hold yourself more upright and therefore adjusting your posture. These are all definitely plus points for any tranny wanting to be more convincing with their transformations.

Obviously it takes a lot of practice walking safely in heels and killer heels especially! You may find that you need to choose a size larger than you would in normal shoes as women's shoes tend to be smaller and heels more so.

Strappy Sexy Shoes

Strappy shoes in super sexy red and black, with thin ankle strap to hold you in these killer 6 inch heels. Black patent heel & toe sections with contrast red heel and side straps. Available up to a UK size 11.

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Pink Court Shoe

A classic staple of any Tgirl's wardrobe, the court shoe easily fits day or night and these in hot neon pink patent with a 5 inch heel work equally well with jeans for a casual look or showing your legs in a mini!

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Leopard Print Sparkle

Definitely Diva shoes, these leopard print court shoes have a gold sparkle background encompassing the whole shoe including the 5" heels. Show off your inner animal while you wear your "Roar & Sparkle Shoes"

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Ankle Strap Studded Heels

These black 4½ inch court shoes are given a funky twist with a full studded heel plus a wide ankle strap that's also studded and has a buckle fastner. Sized up to an 11 they are a popular Tgirl choice!

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Wide Fit Sparklers

These towering 6" sparling silver/grey platforms not only come in an impressive size 11 but also a wide fit, along with a rounded toe, making them more comformatable for those Tgirls with larger feet all round.

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Glitter Platform Sandals

Patent black sandals given the wow factor with a 2inch glitter platform sole & killer 6 inch heels - this is how impossible heels are made comfortable as really the heel is only 4" high when worn!

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Don't forget, especially if you are going to be wearing sandals, that you need to have your feet in tip top condition, legs hair-free and toenails always look sexy with some well applied nail polish after a pedicure! We can't display all the available killer heels here so start your shopping by clicking any of the links or banners to get to the sexy shoes!

Killer Heels