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At last its here your gateway into local tv/ts/cd !

Looking to meetup Wiltshire Transvestites and not sure the best place to turn? well I think you'll going to struggle finding and decent Wiltshire tgirl clubs as I couldn't but not all is lost and here we can guide you toward local contacts going right across this county and it all starts by joining, but first how about some eye candy ;o)

One thing you will notice about the images is for a sex contacts website / personals they are a tad tame, the reason for this is ANYONE can access this site so we have only posted images that have been classed as tame, as a member you can access all the members photos and trust me tame inst the first thing that comes to mind when looking at them ....PS members can block there images being posted here

Having easy access to clubs is one thing and if your an out tv/ts/cd offers a way to meet with all kinds of members, but what about those that aren't out, or maybe admirers that are looking to meet local gurls but don't have the confidence to walk into a bar or club...even assuming there was any, we'll this is were we can help

We offer easy access for Wiltshire Tgirls, transvestites, crossdressers and admirers and to offer you a little insight I've posted up some examples along with free link for more via the banner

Please note - this site is for adult use only. To join you must be over 18 :

(25) - young Wilts Tgirl : I'm new to Wiltshire as I've only just moved here with my new job. I've only started dressing fully recently as before I was living at home, the college so this is really the first time I've had the freedom and loving it. I'm not out as I'm still learning but I know one day I'm going to want to get out as I do have a good look as I'm very small build and think with some help with makeup could be lot better. I'm only looking for other tv/ts/cd members and ideally members around my age and that out sign up to view FULL profile

(47) - Closet Tgirl: I'm a single tgirl thats been dressing for many years now but I've never been into the personals side / meeting others. I'm starting to feel a little lonely and wanting more so looking for other trans friends to meet up and have some dressing fun with. I'm not that experienced in the bedroom but do love O but I'm an A virgin and keen to put that right. If you drop me a line we can arrange to meet up at mine Sign up to view FULL profile

(36) - TS Wiltshire for LTR : before you read my profile you must be single, slim, aged between 30-50 and be looking for a LTR with a caring TS thats been full time for 6 yrs. If your still reading Hi!! I'm looking fir a boyfriend someone I can meet with and enjoy fun nights going out as I love to dance or going to fine restaurants, although I do keep eating out to just a couple of times a month as I need to watch my figure. Dressing for me isn't a fetish as I don't own any male clothing and like to dress in various modern fashion outfits. I do have some fun things for the bedroom as I do like to dress to impress. So if you want to meet send me a message and lets meet for a drink. PS any messages that ask if I fuck guys or can I see a photo of your cock will be deleted sign up to view FULL profile

(62) - Mature crossdresser Wiltshire: Used to dress but stopped and threw out all my outfits, now 5 yrs later returning and wished I hadn't, but least I get to update. Looking to meet other CD or maybe an admirer for some fun round mine. I love O & A and I'm versatile when meeting other CDs do passive with males. Drop me a line and lets chat but please make sure you have photos ready sign up to view FULL profile

(41) - Crossdresser Wiltshire :Hi! All I'm a 41 and have been xdressing since I was a teen. I love the feeling of wearing feminine clothing and especially wearing underwear bra & panties as I have very sensitive skin which is helped by being very smooth. I would love to meet like minded people to chat and have a drink with, maybe if we click leading to a lot more. I'm able to accommodate but I also travel a lot with my job so could always meet in a hotel if I'm staying overnight. If message me I can let you know if I'm passing if your not local sign up to view FULL profile

(56) - Mature TV s :Hi i'm a mature 56 years old TV from sunny old Wilts, I love all things femme and do try my best, sometime it works, other times not LOL.. I'm looking to find other tvs for fun nights in sign up to view FULL profile

(46) - Wiltshire BDSM meets :convincing bisexual TV seeking dom males that enjoy the BDSM scene and want to use me anyway thay want. I'm excellent 'O' & 'A' levels, and have a huge passion for anything involving the BDSM scene. Into all sexual activities and will always follow Sirs orders no matter how extreme. I would consider group invites. I do prefer meeting mature doms so I do not meet guys under 50. Whilst I prefer taking on the sub role I can be switch being a strict sadistic transvestite bitch should you want . I can accommodate, or travel sign up to view FULL profile