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Oxfordshire the heart of learning in the UK ......but also lots of local horny Oxfordshire transvestites ;o) and isn't that just why your here ;o) whether your looking for some nsa fun, LTR or something a little more kinky ( isn't that the best type) we at The Tranny Store can help

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(44) - adventurous TV Oxford : I'm a slim, crossdresser that enjoys getting out and meeting with admirers at Oxfordshire dogging sites. I know lots of private places we can meet and I will turn up fully dressed with make up, stockings & sexy little outfits. I only meet up after dark as whilst I have a good look I prefer to not leave the house till dark. I enjoy most things but do love getting well fucked whilst having others watch and know a nice picnic location with a park bench thats ideal for bending over and getting well fucked. I also love outdoor spanking, oral sex. I will only do safe sign up to view FULL profile

(37) - Oxfordshire pantyhose Sex : I'm not a CD/TV but just a guy that likes to wear tights whilst having sex with similar guys. My fetish only recently started when I tried on my wifes tights and it got me so turned on came almost straight away. I've had some experiences with guys but this is all very new for me and really looking sign up to view FULL profile

 (50) - Webcam meets anyone? : I'm not able to meet up right now but I am loving the webcam chatroom and most nights after 9ish you'll find me lurking around the cam 2 cam chatroom. Happy to meet up with sign up to view FULL profile

(33) - New Tgirl Oxfordshire: I'm new to Oxford and feeling a little lonely so thought I'd try the personals scene to meet some local members. I'm ONLY looking for other out tgirls or at least tgirls that fully transform so please no HPW. I do enjoy getting out and as of yet need to find out about the local Oxfordshire trannys clubs scene, is there one? I do hope so as I do love to get out and dance and whilst heading North is always an option it would be handy if there was a local venture. I'm not really looking for sex right now and this is just for friendships and local meets where we can share a bottle of wine or 3 ;o). I've been a tgirl for 5 yrs and do love getting dressed in my finest and meeting others. I'm going to be here for 2 yrs on a working contract and hopefully meeting up with sign up to view FULL profile

(48) - Sissy CD Oxfordshire : Im a submissive Crossdresser that loves wearing sissy outfits and then being dominated by males, females, couples and domme trannies. I've been involved within the Sissy cuckold scene in the past were I was made to wear a chastity belt for days on end so I'm used to others controlling my actions. I'm currently not involved with anyone and looking for new dominant owners. I've had experience of all types of meets including humiliation, BDSM, cuckold, watersports, plus more. If you would like to meet I'm able sign up to view FULL profile

(43) - Bi Curious CD Oxfordshire: hi I'm new to this and not really sure how far I'll take things as I'm quite a nervous person. I've been a cross-dresser for sometime but I've never been involve within the contact scene but I'm starting to find that when dressed I'm getting bi thoughts and wondering what it would be like to have sex with a man whilst I'm Xdressed. I don't have any thoughts about sex with men when I'm not dressed but as I spend a lot of time in my feminine outfits I'm wanting to meet with local males. I'm not looking sign up to view FULL profile

(37) - Oxfordshire Shemale / TS : I'm full time shemale thats after a LTR with a guy. I'm pre op TS so still all working down below but do prefer guys not to give it mush attention. I've been full time for 6 years and work for a local insurance company and NOONE there knows that I'm a shemale and hence the reason my photos don't show my face as it would be sods law that one of the guys that are always chatting me up was a member here, that could e a tad embarrassing, I'm sure you understand. I do have photos ready showing my face and when you message me and we start chatting I'll be a happy to send some on. As you can see I have a slim figure and love to dress to show it off but in a classy way as I'm no tart. I enjoy most things but do love going to see live gigs and have watched loads of bands. I also travel around the UK and I'm planning a US trip soon so would love to have someone with me. you'll need to be single as I've dated married guys in the past and its not something I'm happy with, what this does mean is I will want an invite to yours soon as i know some guys don't always tell the true on sex personals sites like this, yes I know shocking LOL.. I do have a GSOH and enjoy myself both sign up to view FULL profile