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Question ...wheres all the Northern Ireland transvestites ? well let me give you a little clue, check out the photos and then ask that question again, or better still ask how to meet these members and thats where we come into play as not only can we help you meet Northern Ireland tgirls but contacts right across Ireland

The scene within Northern Ireland has changed considerable over recent years and gone from being a very "closed doors" genre to something thats changed vastly although you'll still struggle to find NI transvestites clubs ...least I couldn't find or know of any..

For this reason the online scene opens the doors to other NI Tgirls that are "out" or "not" and being able to meet up online and either chat in chatrooms or just send messages and arrange dates to meet, or not depending on just what your looking for, but its clear from member numbers that when it comes to finding contacts people head towards Tranny Store and now you can have a little access into that and see just whats going on

Thats correct we give you a free pass directly into the members section where you can view full profiles, read what members are looking for and even see small thumbnail type images ( similar to the members photos posted here) but should you want to contact the member then you'll need to join...but for basic membership, even thats fre should you want.

Enjoy the sample images and example personals below and for more just use the link....and we hope soon to see you in the members section

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(52) - Ireland TV for mature males / Belfast:
Please, read all my profile before contacting me as it does seem some are just looking at my pics and messaging me. I'm here to meet with overweight males as having a large ( overweight) male on top of me or fucking me from behind turns me on a lot. If you are a large get in touch and I don't mind travelling a long way ( within Ireland lol) to meet. I will meet men all all sizes too. When meeting males I do prefer they treat me like a women as I don't enjoy my cock being touched or used but love giving a man pleasure with Oral and will swallow and get you hard again and taking a good anal fucking. I've had messages from males asking for more photos !! nope what you see is what you get till we meet, plus with the amount I've uploaded I think its more than enough. If your not into Anal I'm happy to meet outdoors for quick wank or blow job and can meet up most nights after 10ish so get in touch and lets have fun x sign up to view FULL profile

(49) - Submissive Irish Tgirl:
Hi i am new to S&M but it is such a deep need so thought I would join a site as I've had no luck finding a master /mistress. I can travel and looking for doms 50-70 yrs that are experienced. Im so new and need someone to show me whats required to be a good sub tgirl. i take safe anal and give oral, cock and will take any / all punishments and have a high pain threshold. I can also accommodate or travel . sign up to view FULL profile

 (31) - Sexy and Convincing crossdresser:
Sexy and Convincing Irish crossdresser, Im attractive, feminine and most twill agree I'm convincing when dressed. Im happy to do most things and can be versatile in the bedroom but do love to please others. I'm happy to meet males or other cd/tv/ts but only members that are slim and smooth as I don't like hairy people. Tv's must be totally smooth. Drop me a message and lets meet xxx. sign up to view FULL profile

(47) - Passion for stockings & silk panties :
Im a VERY smooth CD with a passion for silk panties & stockings, and as much underwear as I can. But I'm very smooth from the neck down. I also love heels, really short tight mini skirts and tight tops. I'd love to meet other cd's but would love to meet a couple as I've always wanted a threesome meeting with a bi couple as I'd love to suck cock, lick pussy and get fucked up my ass... however I'm here to meet all for mutual fun times. Send me a message and let me know what you'd like us to do. sign up to view FULL profile

 (38) - Smooth Transvestite Ireland for all :
im a slim sexy tv from Belfast. im smooth all over and very convincing. i like very sheer seamed stockings, stilettoes, sexy underwear and always finished with little black dress, long blonde hair. i would love to meet other sexy tvs, women and respectful males, but guys when sending in messages try and put a little imagination into your messages. I love o and a both ways and I'm very clean and expect the same from others I meet. I can accommodate, but I often visit the UK and could meet others around the North East, maybe sharing a hotel and split the cost xxxxxx sign up to view FULL profile

(48) - Full Time TS Ireland :
Hi first let me say I do have photos ready to send to people but I've made them private as none knows my real identity and I want to keep it that way, in fact when I moved here I moved as a women and thats what all believe. I've been living full time as a women for 10 yrs and I'm a pre op TS. I'm looking for a partner / boyfriend and someone that wants a long term relationship with a trans women. You must be single and I do find I get on better with straight males as bedroom lines are more clearer. I dress in modern trendy outfits and even have a few fun outfits for the bedroom. When meeting up I will want to meet at a local bar and that way we can chat and make sure theres a connection. But please note I will not be jumping straight into bed, I know this is a sex contacts website but I do want to get to know someone first. When you contact me and we start chatting i do have photos I will send you in my private folder, but they are all dressed so please don't ask about naked photos. sign up to view FULL profile

(29) - Outdoor meets :
anyone up for some outdoor fun? I love oral sex and if safe will take anal. I don't dress fully but wear stockings and panties with normally a long coat. Only looking to meet males, if you want we can meet and I'll please you anyway you like with nothing in return, I just love sucking guys in public and getting well fucked . sign up to view FULL profile