Tranny Bra Fitting Guide

Give you body shape a boost for sexy curves!

If you want to be a convincing transvestite or Tgirl rather than just a crossdresser you will want to ensure that all your clothes fit properly but the most tricky one to get right is your bra, which can be hard for natural women and figures show that up to 80% of women wear the wrong size, so here's our advice for getting the best fit.

Tranny Bra FittingFirst thing to do is get a soft, not metal, measuring tape as you need to accurately measure against your body so the tape needs to be fully flexible. If you don't have a fabric one then the next best thing is a piece of string or ribbon that you can then measure with a rigid ruler. Stand in front of a mirror and relax your shoulders and chest, wrap the tape around your back and let it meet at the front ensuring that it is touching your skin all the way round but not pulling it too tightly. You want to have this sat approximately 2 inches below your nipples as this is where the band of the bra will sit and fasten at the back.

Don't make the mistake of measuring under your arms around armpits, this is not where your bra will sit but if you do use this measurement it is likely to be where your sexy tranny bra will end up!

Determine the measurement and if you have a half inch round up to the next full figure, then if you have an even number add 2 inches or an odd one add on 3 inches to give you the back size for your bra.

The cup size really depends on what you are filling the bra with! If you have some natural breast tissue that you can utilise then take the tape measure again and this time wrap it around the fullest part of your chest, ideally going over the nipples. The difference between this measurement and your back size (before you added on the 2/3") is what determines the cup size - a difference of less than 1" is an A, 1 inch is a B and two inches will be a C cup. Remember that a "chicken fillet" inserted below your natural breast tissue will push your up and create a more natural looking cleavage.

If you are going to use full breastforms then our next article will be all about how to choose your breast form shape and size and obviously depending on what you choose for that will determine the cup size, and to a certain extent, style of the bra you wear with it.

So now you know your bra size check out our recommended range of tranny bras here